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About Scott- Educator 

Scott has been teaching piano and composition since he was a college student at Oberlin. He has been developing and refining his teaching all his adult life. 

His private students range from complete beginners to Grammy-winning artists, from ages 4 to 90, with many working in a variety of musical styles. Many of Scott’s students have gone on to prestigious music schools and/or successful careers, and many more find their lives are simply enriched by a greater understanding and appreciation of music. 

Lessons are tailored for each student while emphasizing fundamentals, such as technique, reading, theory, rhythmic and harmonic concepts and interpretive and improvisational skills. His forté is teaching improvisation to help students develop their own musical voice. He draws upon a wealth of techniques to foster creativity. 

Piano Lessons Books 

Scott Hiltzik’s Piano Lessons are an important addition to the library of any piano teacher or student. The three-volume collection features distinctive piano solos that supplement traditional teaching methods and repertoire. Composed in a variety of styles, they address specific musical and technical challenges for beginning and intermediate pianists. 

“Scott Hiltzik’s Piano Lessons are an important addition to any piano teacher’s library. While each composition has a specific focus, they are music first and étude second, which make them a strong contrast to other piano methods. My students love the pieces and variety” 
– Mitch Glickman, piano teacher, composer, conductor and music director of the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra 

“Scott Hiltzik’s Piano Lessons series is a refreshing contribution to piano training literature. The melodies are slightly unpredictable which will enhance students’ reading ability. A different pianistic technique is addressed in each composition. Yet, without sounding too drill-like, he manages to give both hands a chance to be equally challenged. I use his books with my own students.”
Howard Richman, pianist, composer, author of Super Sight-Reading Secrets. 

Jazz Piano Lessons Book 

For classical pianists wanting to learn jazz piano this is the perfect introduction. Jazz Piano Lessons incorporates essays, original compositions, recordings and numerous practice tips to present an overview of this rich art form. Drawn from the author’s more than twenty years experience as a pianist and educator, Jazz Piano Lessons provides useful, specific information and valuable perspective. Scott has given successful workshops based upon the methodology and exercises presented in this book. 

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